Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project #14: Project Based Learning Lesson Plan


  1. Why would the teacher read to a 6th grade class?

    I am not sure why you are using a Word document as an organizer with lots of questions. What is the central question that drives the project? There are many ways to create a Newsletter. The organizer does not seem a very good choice to me since the construction of the newsletter is not clear in the list of questions.

    When I go to the link under the Groups will conduct there is a ThinkQuest page which reports Site Not Available.

    It is obvious that you have thought about this and located some important sites but I don't see how all of this fits into a learning project. Maybe it is just me, but I don't see it.

    I think it is a good start, or that it can be improved and used. I would have to sit down and have a discussion with you before I could offer any really appropriate suggestions.

  2. Kaitlin,

    Not being a science minded person, I found your project to be a tad confusing. Overall, I think you attempted to incorporate the learning objectives, but like Dr. Strange elaborated above, it does need a little work as far as clarity goes. I think that 6th graders could read the book for themselves (since it is a picture book).