Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blog Post #16: Final Reflection

Part One
For my future classroom, I hope to be able to have the means to use as much technology as I can. Technology has come along way in the classroom setting! When I was in grade school, we wrote on whiteboards and chalkboards and we watched videos on the television. Nowadays, teachers can show videos and even teach lessons on SMARTboards!In my first blog post for EDM310, I wasn't sure just how I would use technology in the classroom, but I had an idea of a few tools I would use! Over time, Dr. Strange challenged us to use, talk about, and discuss different tools that could be used when learning.

Technology is so beneficial to the classroom because there are so many different tools that can be used to learn. iPad apps for the classroom is a major tool, because students can learn while playing games and doing activities on the apps. Another great technological tool that can be a major factor in the classroom, is blogging. When blogging, students can enhance their literacy skills in many different ways. One way in particular is feedback in comments. When students blog, educators, fellow students, parents, and/or guardians can comment on activities being done. Within the comments, people can give suggestions on how to make better decisions when it comes to grammar, organizational skills, and many more things.

I plan on using many different technology resources like Skype, Discovery Ed, and Blogger. I would use Skype in the classroom because my students will be able to ask other educators or professionals all sorts of questions about their specific field. Discovery Ed. allows students to bring text to life by researching a specific topic and finding videos instead of text or pictures!! I would use Blogger so that my students can use it to enhance their literacy skills and share their activities with other people!

Technology is so important in the classroom setting, because the world is evolving and constantly changing. Being technology literate is a major aspect because of the constant changes, we as educators need to prepare our students for the real world by using the current technology!

Part Two


  1. What are the other two classes in which you created lesson plans?

    You had a great group. Groups did not work as well for some others. I wish i could always put together great groups!

  2. Yes, we had a GREAT group! Thanks for everything Caitlin, see you in the fall for our two classes together :)