Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project #13: Project Based Learning Lesson Plan


  1. I think your group should have only picked one standard for this lesson instead of three. I was unable to click on the SMARTboard activity link on Slide 4. What short story will the teacher read? What are the project instructions? What short stories will the students read in groups? What program will the students use to create these videos? Will they record themselves or make animations? There are too many questions that need answering. All of these materials and instructions need to be included in a lesson plan. The video project does sound fun though!

  2. You will NEVER be able to spend 2 1/2 hours on a single project. And you do not tell us how many days the project will last.

    When the class is broken into groups, what will they do? Just read books and identify the five parts? Sounds a lot like burp back education to me.

    What exactly is the video project? I cannot determine anything about it? Why is it being done as a part of this exercise?

    Why is the assessment ONLY on the terminology of the five elements of the short story. Who cares? Is that the take away learning for this lesson? I certainly hope not.

    Needs a lot of work.