Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog Post #2: 21st Century Teaching

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Professor Dancealot
The Professor Dancealot video was interesting to the max! However, it did have an intriguing and subtle message. The video was about a professor teaching a "dance class" in a classroom with desks rather than in a dance studio. Mr. Dancealot did not allow the students to participate, they could only take notes and watch the professor "dance." Mr. Dancealot stood behind a large desk, making it to where the students could not see his feet. How is one supposed to learn that way?! Mr. Dancealot then told his students that the was a final on a particular dance, but the students did not get a chance to practice the dance. Therefore, the students probably failed. In this case, we learn that there are many different ways of teaching! When teaching a dance class, the students cannot just sit down and watch, they have to be involved and work hard for their reward. The same goes for a classroom setting. When a teacher is giving a lesson, the students have to be involved otherwise the information goes in one ear and out the other, and nothing is learned.

Teaching in the 21st Century: Melissa Canterbury
What Kevin Roberts is asking in Teaching in the 21st Century is what is the role of the educator? As educators are we here to simply give students information? No, they clearly have search engines like Google and Bing for that. We as educators are here to provide resources and the tools needed for students to succeed. Technology is taking control of classrooms whether teachers are ready for it or not. Educators need to be able to teach students how to use iPads and computers, and not only tell them Google can answer their questions; but teach them how to interpret the information they find on search engines such as Google. Teaching in the 21st century means teaching in classrooms where textbooks don't exist anymore. (Try telling that to teachers 20 years ago.)It means saving those trees and typing on laptops instead. The fast paced, technological world that we live in is taking over our classrooms and educators will need to be prepared.

The Networked Student: Caitlin Lankford
"The Networked Student"by Wendy Drexler made me realize many things. As said before, in the technology world we are living in, things are changing drastically. We always rely on our technology devices to get us out of situations or take us away from being bored. Being a teacher of a networked student would have many pros and cons. For a pro example, classrooms would Go Green. Assessments would be online, as well as assignments. There is such a thing as too much technology, though. Some students learn in different ways. For me, I am a hands on kind of learner. If studies go strictly to technology, things will get difficult for some students. Students will always need teachers. Teachers will never go away, because who is going to teach the students how to do something online or on the computer. For instance, Baldwin County High School was the first school to give all of the students a computer. Beforehand, the passing rate was extremely low. Now, two years later, more and more students are graduating because there is a different way of learning. Technology can tend to be a good resource, whether the teacher will be strictly in front of you, or by a communicating software (i.e. Skype).

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts: Lauren Macon
In the video, "Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts," Vicki Davis teaches in a classroom full of technology. She not only teaches, but her students teach too. She states that an educator does not need to know everything about a subject to teach it. They are learning together as a team and the students are teaching as well. Davis’ students collaboratively write and create videos with other students. The students are becoming more comfortable with technology, as well as becoming connected with students all over the world.


  1. Caitlin, I agree with what you said, "We always rely on our technology devices, to get us out of situations or take us away from being bored." Technology is changing things drastically. Great post! No revisions are needed.

  2. Caitlin,
    Have you had a teacher like Dr. Dancealot? A professor who did not allow you ask questions or who didn't answer them clearly? How will you be able to adjust to all of your students learning styles? Also, the students were in a lecture hall, do you believe that Dr. Dancealot could have used the Smartboard differently. Instead of using the Smartboard to simply display his objective how do you think he could have taught a dance lesson with it, or do you not believe technology can take place in dance? I'am looking forward to the coach Dr. Strange is bringing in next week so he can tell us all about how he uses technology with his soccer team.
    Good post this week, we revised the second part as a group so revisions needed there! Keep up the good work this semester.

  3. Very nice comments, Lauren and Melissa! Melissa, I have had a few teachers in my time as a student that won't allow questions at certain times. However, they did allow questions, but only when time allowed. I as well, am looking forward to the coach coming to present what he has to offer! Thank you for your comments!